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outsidebar..was founded in April of 1938, with the general purpose and objective of the furtherance of boating and all of its allied activities. It also intended to foster a spirit of friendship and fellowship.

The M.O.C. was founded by a group of enthusiastic boaters who, at the beginning, did not have a place to meet. Their periodic meetings were held in garages, stores, and filling stations, or any place they could get together for that purpose. Since 1946, the Club has maintained a facility on Watson Island. This facility has been used not only by the members of the Club, but by the public as well. Since it’s occupancy of Watson Island, the M.O.C. has been an active participant in the welfare of our community and has been fervently involved in various activities.

The M.O.C. has been instrumental in marine conservation, and in the Artificial Reef Programs in the Miami area. The Miami Outboard Club has established itself internationally as an asset to boating. In so doing, it publicizes the city of Miami, to focus the attention of the public and visiting tourists to the recreational facilities available in the Miami area, such as the financing and construction of Finger Piers for public use on Watson Island. This project was completed and inaugurated on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the M.O.C. in April of 1988.

We, the present members of the M.O.C., are proud of our founding fathers. They not only created this club, they taught us with their examples how to enjoy our surroundings and ourselves.

On February 24, 1996 our Lease Committee and Flag Officers signed a Proclamation declaring that the 24th of February each year be recognized as a Club holiday to celebrate the signing of our 30-year lease with the City of Miami.

On December 18, 1998 we had our 1st Annual Christmas Boat Parade. On 1999 M.O.C. became home of The Scouts Cheyenne. On November 1999 Miami Outboard Club Youth Foundation was born. This foundation was created to teach the young kids how to survive, swim, and handle any situation related to marine life.